Custom Exterior Sun Visor

Custom Exterior Sun Visor

Custom exterior sun visor base price- $581.95

$520.00 + $58.00 S&H + 3%= $595.34

(additional cost of $45.00 for labor and materials for modifying visor width).

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These visors are made to fit most models from 1939-1951 that have the split windshield, however with some ingenuity and desire to modify you can fit our custom visor to 1950's ,1960's  and even more modern cars & trucks with one-piece windshields.

Please contact us first before buying , so we can make sure to provide you with all the necessary information before you make a purchase.

Call and ask us about our VW exterior sun visor

All visors are made from 20 gauge steel.All hardware is included with your visor.Some visors have mounting brackets that clamp to the windshield center post, with clamps on each outer side that clamp onto the drip rails(Roof mount bracket are available for vehicles with single piece windshields or crank-out windows).

S&H rates can vary in the continental US and  these rates do not apply for international buyers, please contact us for pricing, a 4% processing fee will apply to all international orders.