Nash Windshield Frames

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If you do not see what your looking for on our website does not mean we can't get it for you!


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50 1923 MODEL 697 TOURING
376 1925-26 ADV. 6 ROADSTER
49 1927 CONV. COUPE
121 1929 MODEL 450 ROADSTER
348 1931 MODEL 890


Our Windshield Frames are made from roll formed steel channel and are as close to the original as possible. We have a wide variety of products to offer our customers, there are raw steel or triple chrome plated frames and of course we offer a complete frame which includes the Windshield frame, triple chrome plating, glass and weather stripping all assembled and ready to install.


Shipping & turn around times:

It takes 6 to 12 weeks to manufacture a steel frame ( it could take longer if we have back orders or we do a custom job), unless we have one ready to go and it will take longer if we have the frame chromed.

If the Windshield Frame that you need is not listed often we are able to have it made using an original frame or a good pattern.