Policies & Procedures

Company Policies

3%processing fee will apply to all U.S. orders.

4%processing fee for international customers

All parts are as is, so please be sure to asses the conditions of the part or parts you are interested in before you buy. When asked about the condition of the part or parts it is your opinion that matters not the opinion of any employee of Klassic Car Parts (KCP), our opinions on the condition of any parts are just that an opinion, we do not guarantee the condition or that a part functions(electrical or mechanical).We will not under any circumstance guarantee that the part or parts is the correct part for you car, so please make sure that the part is what you are looking for by asking questions, requesting photos of parts and also giving us your data plate information (if any) of the car your interested in before you make a purchase. All sales are final for used parts and remember we are only as good as the information you the customer provides us with. So, please make sure you know what your looking for.

Any foul language, disrespect or yelling will not be tolerated by Klassic Car Parts or it's employee's, we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, at any place or at any time if this type of behavior occurs.

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If you get the wrong part, you now have a spare! No returns are accepted and KCP will not be responsible for lost, stolen or damaged parts via - UPS, USPS, FedEx or any other 3rd party shipping companies(aka DHL or freight companies).Insurance can be purchased separately to insure your purchase and give you recourse in the event that a package is lost,delivered to the wrong address or stolen, it is the customers responsibility request insurance and to file all claims with the appropriate shipping agency. We will provide assistance in this matter as it arises.


So please make sure you are buying the right part by contacting us,asking questions, requesting photos of the used part or parts before you buy them. We are happy to go the extra mile for our customers because we would rather not sell a part if you don't like it but we will sell it to you only after you have been well informed first.

The only exception to the above "No Returns Accepted," policy is the following: if you purchase a "New," part (Custom jobs are non-returnable) or for some reason its no longer available,then and only then will we refund your purchase price - minus any processing, S&H or restocking fees range from 25%-50% (restocking fee's will apply on any returned "New," merchandise, undamaged and not used). We will not be responsible for return shipping and handling, it's the buyers responsibility.

Shipping Policy

Shipping can be billed separately  from the purchase price, simply because sometimes there is no way to determine what the cost of shipping is before the parts are removed from the vintage car. Due to back log, amount of orders or the difficulty in removing the part or parts from the car. It can take up to 4 to 10 business days (from the day payments clears) to ship your parts out to you.International shipping usually takes the longest due to third party brokers that are involved in the shipping process. It is rather difficult to estimate shipping before hand, unless we have sold & shipped a similar part in the past. Please inspect your parts immediately and inform us of any damages within 24hrs of receiving them. Insurance is optional and recommended ( it is up to the customer to request insurance) to give you the customer some recourse in the event that the part is lost or damaged. No returns are accepted on used parts and cancellation and restocking fee (25% -50% restocking & cancellation fee) will apply with any cancellations of new parts.

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Purchase of parts

All orders may have a non-refundable $35.00 to $65.00 removal fee/ inspection fee (depends on difficulty & time involved)  and a $10.00 pick-up fee may be charged for every order. Please keep in mind that your not just paying for the part, someone has to spend time removing it, picking it up once it's removed, package it and also drive out to send it off to you.

Note: Shipping costs are separate from the purchase price and will include: postage, packaging, delivery confirmation and handling.

All parts must be payed  for before they can be removed from the classic car, this means that we have to have a signed authorization (signed credit receipt) before we pay for the parts in cash on our end.Parts will be shipped out once we have a signed authorization for the shipping costs.

Please understand that we will do our best to get the parts to you as soon as possible. In the event that it takes longer, we do apologize in advance and hope that you understand that sometimes things don't go the way we want them too.